An end-to-end service

Briefing and planning

Advertising used to be all about print; magazines, newspapers, TV and outdoors. It still is to an extent, but with digial/social media and online, advertising can be smarter, tailored, targetted and measured.

We listen to our clients and can work with them to either develop a new plan or work with them on an existing media plan. Choosing the correct channels and working to decide on where each advert placement will be best served.

Once the objectives and strategy have been crystalised we move into the next phase of concepting and development.

Developing the concept

Grabbing attention, solidifying brand recognition, being seen in the right place, selling a product or promoting a service – advertising always has a purpose.

During this phase we will be working on concepts and ideas. How can we tell this story in the simplest and most effective way? What image, strapline or concept is going to be the most successful? Now how do we make that work across the media plan we have in place?

We present multiple ideas and demonstrate how these will be shown across different channels. We'll seek sign-off and look to progress with a creative solution that our clients are excited to get behind.

Refinement and preparation

Images will be purchased, photographers and illustators commissioned if required.

We liaise with magazines, online portals and newspaper production houses to ensure that we have all of the specifications required to ensure a seamless roll-out.

The final artwork is collated, approved and tripple checked in preparation for the distribution.

Roll-out and scheduling

We'll work closely with the booked media plan, media buyers and content hosts to ensure we have a detailed and defined list of advertising deadlines.

Each advert will carry its own specifications in terms of size, resolution and format. We'll carefully create each tailored artwork to the desired specification and supply the final creative to each and every content host.

BakerWilcox often form the bridge between our clients and the media liaising carefully through the technical requirements of set-up and logistical roll-out.