Do you know who you are?

Understanding the brand

All businesses have a brand whether it be a conscious process of development or something which has evolved over time. Embracing your brand enables you to control the impression you make on your target audience.

We listen to our clients and we ask questions with a view to better understanding the personality behind their company.

We help organisations find their inner voice and display that to the outside world through effective, thought and marketing-led design products.

Developing the brand

Are you getting the right message across? Does your audience like you? Do they feel compelled to use you?

Having researched the brand then we consider ways in which it can be improved, developed or simply evolved. It might be a new logo, or it might mean a top down re-structure of all touch-points.

We can engage company stakeholders and end-users to forge a coherent route forward and create a concise plan to carry that forward.

Activating the brand

With our thought process crystalised and designs in place we'll present forward to our clients and work collaboratively with them on refining the treatment. Copy will be finalised and 3rd party resources such as photography and illustration will be purchased.

We liaise with our printers and paper mills throughout the process and full samples are produced if necessary.

The final artwork is approved, first by the client and then by us after our rigorous pre-flight checks.

Looking after the brand

Position. Perception. Longevity. These are the three cornerstones of each and every brand and each of these three elements move dynamically over time.

Nothing stands still so a brand which was actively on the cusp of the cutting edge now cannot be assured of maintaining their market share in the future. Position and Perception form Longevity and it's our job to uphold these three important pillars.

BakerWilcox provide ongoing brand maintenance for our clients. We create guidelines that are followed diligently to ensure a consistent output and we can be on hand to present brand message and themes to staff and management.

This process not only ensures internal 'buy-in' but can improve morale and make or break external perceptions.