Content is king

Detail in the data

Infographics are interesting, fun, captivating and then can be viral hits.

But an infographic is only as good as the data it's based upon. If the data is dodgy then it's going to be irrelevant how aesthetically pleasing the final product will be.

We help organisations create infographics and data visualisations which tell the story with accurate data backed up by diligent research and careful planning.

The simplification process

Once we have our hands on the data then the hard work begins. How can we display this information in an accurate yet appealing way? What will set this piece apart and make people sit up and take notice? Can we make this piece so interesting that people will want to show their friends, and those friends will want to show their friends? Better still, will this be picked up by the local, national, international press?

Design development

We'll study the best method of displaying the content keeping in mind the final distribution channels be it screen, blog post, print.

We'll present forward our treatment and seek approval prior to starting the design phase in earnest.

The data is carefully transferred into the finished article. We'll be meticulous in our attention to detail and produce a finished article which is both impactful and accurate.

Roll-out and application

We'll have carefully planned from the beginning how the final infographic would be distributed and our final task is to prepare the artwork for roll-out.

Sometimes it's best to release snippets on Twitter or Facebook. Perhaps the infographic is launched on a blog then sent to news agencies around the globe. Perhaps different formats need to be created so that content creators can use a tailored version? It may be publised in a book or printed as a large format poster? Our finished piece should be flexible enough to separate and use across different media and touchpoints ensuring maximum exposure.