Experts at paper and ink

Initial brief and research

Printed design provides a vehicle that ends up directly in the hands of your audience – both a tactile and aesthetic representation of your brand.

Upon receiving a brief our first response is to outline objectives, research the audience / marketplace and consider ourselves in their shoes.

What will deliver an impact for them and how can we best get our story across?

What would be considered a return on investment for our client and how can that be delivered?

Design concepts and implementation

Once a clear and defined brief is in place and we have our objectives then the design work really begins in earnest.

Concepts are sketched out and layouts are constructed. We work closely with existing brand guidelines or develop our own. We discuss format and pagination, printing techniques and paper.

We will speak to printers and paper mills at this stage if necessary and feed back to you our suggestions and thoughts.

Refinement and sign-off

With our thought process crystalised and designs in place we'll present forward to our clients and work collaboratively with them on refining the treatment. Copy will be finalised and 3rd party resources such as photography and illustration will be purchased.

We liaise with our printers and paper mills throughout the process and full samples are produced if necessary.

The final artwork is approved, first by the client and then by us after our rigorous pre-flight checks.

Print production

BakerWilcox only work with printers who are trusted to deliver a stunning finished product for our clients.

Be it digital or litho they need to demonstrate a keen eye for detail, meticulous quality control and exceptional time keeping. Our design work is only as good as the paper it is printed on.

Once the artwork is with the printer our job doesn't stop there. We'll manage the print process on behalf of our clients from start to finish. Our in-depth knowledge of pre-press workflow and production through paper, binding methods and finishing techniques allow us to formulate a unique printing plan tailored to each client and project.

Care and attention to detail are paramount. Our aim is to marry up strong design-led aesthetic with 'out of this world' production. When design and production align then beauty is born.